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Constituent Services

Does your case involve a Federal agency? As a Federal Representative, I am able to make inquiries of federal agencies. If your case involves state, county, or local government, your public school district or other public agencies, please contact your Texas state official. You can find your Texas state official here.

Does the case you are concerned about involve you? Due to privacy laws, I must have written consent from my constituent in order to make an official inquiry. To give written consent and allow my office to make inquiries with federal agencies on your behalf, click here to download a Privacy Release Authorization (PRA). If you need assistance with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) please click here to download a USCIS specific Privacy Release Authorization form in English. Click here for the USCIS specific PRA form in both English and Spanish. Then, contact my office and outline the situation in detail so that we can determine whether we may be of assistance.

Is your situation a legal dispute? As a Member of Congress, I cannot intervene in any civil or criminal legal matters. If you have legal concerns and need advice, you can find a list of legal service providers in our area here. In addition, I am unable to assist you with problems involving Texas state agencies, such as child support services. You may want to contact your Texas state official. You can find your Texas state official by clicking here.

Is your case within the agency’s normal processing time? It is rare that a case can be “sped up” for any reason other than extreme hardship. If you believe your situation merits faster processing, please contact my office in San Antonio or Austin. My constituent advocates will discuss your situation and help you determine the proper strategy.

Do you reside in the 35th Congressional District of Texas? Congressional courtesy requires that each Member of Congress be given the opportunity to serve his or her constituents. To determine if you reside in the 35th Congressional District of Texas, please enter your address and zip code here.

If you are still unsure whether I can assist you with your case, please contact your nearest office, either San Antonio or Austin. My constituent advocates will work with you to determine your next steps.

Here are some online resources:

Obtaining a Government Document: Many federal documents are readily available on the Internet through the Government Printing Office Web Page, directly from the federal agencies through their respective websites, or from the new web server. If you can't find what you need online, however, call my San Antonio office at (210) 704-1080 or my Austin office at (512) 916-5921.

House Legislative Resource Center

  • Provides most congressional documents free of charge, including copies of bills and concurrent and joint resolutions.
  • To obtain materials, call (202) 226-5200.

Government Printing Office

  • Provides government documents and many non-Congressional materials, including laws, reports from federal agencies and departments, and copies of the Congressional Record.
  • There is a fee assessed on every order.
  • To obtain materials, call (202) 512-1800.