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Below are only a few of the federal issues that I am working on for Texans. By visiting my homepage, and viewing my latest news, Facebook, Twitter or videos, you can learn more about my efforts.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Current information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Fighting for Education and Our Youth

The ability to afford a college degree is in jeopardy for too many. Outstanding student loans now total more than $1.5 trillion, surpassing total credit card debt. More than half of 2016 Texas grads from 4-year institutions graduated with debt, pushing outstanding Texas student loan debt over $90 billion.

Gender Equality

I will continue to stand up for equal rights and equal respect for all Americans, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Growing Our Economy

To grow our economy, we need to invest in our workforce, education, and job training. We need to fix our crumbling infrastructure, bringing it into the 21st century. We need to invest in health care, research and development, and bolster small businesses and local manufacturers.

Gun Safety

Gun owners know the importance of keeping the safety on. With mass shootings increasing in frequency and lethality, we need policies that prevent gun violence, not enable it. I have long supported banning military-style assault weapons, eliminating gun sale loopholes, and requiring a universal background check.


I am committed to preserving hard-fought for reforms to our health system.

Immigration Reform

Instead of building walls, we must build bridges. Passing comprehensive immigration reform will grow the Texas economy—it will mean more small business startups and more graduating students. In terminating the Deferred Action Child Arrival (DACA) program, Donald Trump and Republicans have only viewed Dreamers as bargaining chips to impose other anti-immigrant proposals.

Impeach Trump

Impeachment of a president is a question of enormous magnitude, not to be undertaken lightly. Under our Constitution, it is an essential tool to check abuse of presidential authority and ensure one-person rule does not replace our system of checks and balances. Our founders did not intend for anyone to be above the law — certainly not the executive wielding the greatest power.

Policing Reform and Social Justice

The peaceful protests across our country, which began after an officer sworn to uphold the law suffocated African American George Floyd, are a call for new and bolder action, a plea for something meaningful to be done to protect Black lives.  I am sponsoring reform legislation, including the important Justice in Policing Act.  

Protecting Our Planet

We cannot continue ignoring the critical challenges facing Texas, our country, and our planet caused by climate change, that's why I am a sponsor of the Green New Deal and H.R.9, the Climate Change Now Act. Encouraging the expansion of renewable energy is vital for protecting our world, strengthening our national security, and boosting our economy.


We should be seeking bipartisan legislation designed to encourage entrepreneurship, support small businesses, and grow jobs here in America. In San Antonio and Austin we have a number of incubators and accelerators with a wide range of hi-tech startups that are creating our economic future now.


So many veterans have planned their lives around the benefits promised to them as service members and they should not be forced to bear the weight of balancing our Nation's budget on their backs. We cannot afford to break our promises of retirement and health security they earned.

Voting Rights

The 2020 election and efforts to limit ballot access in Texas, Georgia and elsewhere, underscores the urgent need for comprehensive, structural democracy reform. We must defeat voter suppression, gerrymandering and a torrent of special-interest dark money just to exercise their right to vote in our democracy and make their voices heard.