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On Groundhog Day, Another Big Step in the March to Authoritarianism

February 2, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), senior Member of the House Ways & Means Committee, issued the following statement about the expected release of a classified Republican-drafted memo. Rep. Doggett said:

“Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican enablers came out, saw Donald Trump’s dark shadow and decided to huddle within it rather than defend our democracy. What’s transparent about this selective release of top secret information are the excuses Republicans offer to justify it. Those who distract, distort, manipulate, or simply stand mute, represent Trump’s first line of defense.

“While eager to protect himself from the independent investigation of Russian collusion, the cover up, and obstruction of justice, Trump through this unprecedented interference is doing much more—he takes another big step in the march to authoritarianism. With another act of intimidation, he seeks a pledge of allegiance solely to the Great Leader from those whose job is to protect all of us. Labeling the press as the ‘enemy of the American people,’ repeatedly denigrating law enforcement, security, and justice systems, eliminating meaningful Congressional oversight, Trump employs the anti-democratic tactics of the foreign strongmen he so much admires. 

“With his prior disclosure of secrets to Russians in the oval office, the Deputy FBI Director’s departure he obtained, the refusal to implement sanctions legislation against Russia, and now his outrageous disclosure of selective, top secret information, Trump would leave us defenseless from more Russian attacks on our democracy. Putin has every reason to rejoice at having his favorite in the White House.”


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