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Excerpts from Rep. Doggett's Message Delivered at the Texas Capitol January 6 on Need for No War With Iran

January 7, 2020
Excerpts from Rep. Doggett's Message Delivered at the Texas Capitol January 6 the need to prevent war with Iran:
We stand together because we will not stand for more war. Trump, known for lobbing hateful tweets, is now recklessly lobbing missiles. 
He offers no plan, no strategy, only chaos. With his way of hate escalating hate lies the abyss. Every day Trump is in office, the danger grows.
As a Master of Distraction and Deceit, this self-described "stable genius" has learned nothing from the disastrous conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wars are so much easier to get into than to get out of.
I am urging the House to stop funding Trump’s heedless rush to war. And where are the Republicans who are willing to stand up to this unhinged, out-of-control President? While I welcome your recent messages of support to me, I hope you will focus on petitioning those who are empowering Trump's warmongering. How many Americans will die because of Trump's shocking ignorance, incredible impulsiveness, and eagerness to shift attention from the impeachment for his repeated abuse of office?
What would represent success for Trump with Iran? Since his policy is only about protecting himself, his success would be his reelection and recognition as sole ruler of America. Let's not do anything to help him nor engage in any conduct which he can turn against us. Let's encourage creative, nonviolent protest in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi.
While I am in Washington working for peace, keep working in Texas to persuade more of our neighbors to join us. Together, we can build a better path forward.
Let's give peace a chance.