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Currently in Congress

Currently on the House Floor

Current House Proceedings Provided by the Clerk: You can see updated text summaries of floor procedures when the House of Representatives is in session. If you are watching House floor proceedings live on CSPAN, use your web browser's "refresh" function periodically. Updates will appear in reverse chronological order.

Live Video Footage Provided by C-SPAN: Watch actual House proceedings live on your home, office, or classroom computer via C-SPAN's website.

Current Legislative Schedules

The Democratic Whip publishes a schedule of legislation the House intends to consider for the current day and week ahead, in addition to a summary of what was voted on each day:

Daily Leader Report
The Weekly Leader Report

Other Congressional Information

House Committee: Links for the standing Committees, Joint Committees, and Select Committees.

Senate Website: The Senate website contains information on its current floor schedule. Additionally, in the Legislation and Records section, you can access information about recent Senate legislative activity and votes.