April 12, 2011

The Texas Democratic Delegation’s ‘Save Our Schools’ provision, contained in the EduJobs bill passed last summer, was repealed in the final language of the 2011 Continuing Resolution.   Responding to repeal of this provision adopted last year at the request of welve Texas Democratic members of Congress, you can quote Congressman Doggett:

“Removing all accountability on Governor Perry's use of $830 million of federal aid to education by repealing the “Save Our Schools” Amendment is one of many unwise concessions made to Republicans to avoid their threatened government shutdown.  If this federal money is added to the funding for our schools contained in the State Senate Finance bill, our purpose can still be achieved.  If it simply replaces proposed state funding, then the concern of state educators, who sought our amendment, will be justified.  Our sole objective has remained to ensure that federal aid to education actually aids local Texas schools with additional help rather than being diverted by the State as occurred in 2009 with $3.25 billion of federal aid.  The Governor and the Legislature still have the power to do right by our Texas children.”

To see Rep. Doggett discuss how the repeal of this important provision may be a setback, but can also be a call to action, see below: